Carus Behavior Philosophy

We believe that it is the responsibility of parents and the staff at Carus to help students learn appropriate behavior through the establishment of clear expectations, modeling of appropriate behavior, and taking appropriate steps in response to misbehavior. The Positive Behavioral Intervention Systems (PBIS) framework helps children think about their actions and helps guide them toward positive choices.

Carus School is a PBIS school. This means that we strive to follow the Positive Behavioral Intervention System philosophy. This philosophy dictates that we explicitly teach students appropriate behaviors, and continue reminding and reinforcing appropriate behaviors. When students don’t exhibit these behaviors, our philosophy is to re-teach the behavior before we resort to disciplinary action.

If the inappropriate behavior continues after re-teaching, or is significant enough to warrant documentation, the student will receive a Contact Form, which would require a resolution meeting with the teacher or other staff member.

Repeated contact forms or behaviors significant in nature (including, but not limited to bullying, stealing, vandalism, fighting or physical aggression, weapons, unsafe behavior) will lead to a discipline referral. Discipline referrals will result in parent contact and consequences ranging from an administrative conference to a recommendation for expulsion. The consequence depends on the severity and frequency of the behavior, in addition to the age of the student.

Carus School Rules

At Carus School, we are:




  • to ourselves
  • to each other
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